had a bad day?

Well im guessing it probably wasn’t as bad as some of these peoples days…

Read it and weep with laughter

I’ve luckily had a fairly unembarassing day, hows yours been?



Today out of boredom i decided to do a spot of baking and decided to make chocolate peanut butter coated brownie balls, witness the glory here. They may not look stunning but i assure you they taste yummy

Yummy Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Bites :)

Who wants one?

Recipe borrowed fromhere


Neglected this yesterday, due to spending too much of my day in bed and running out of internet

I’m getting awfully excited about the edinburgh festival. Im away to see Kevin Bridges., Shappi Khorsandi and the wonderful amateur transplants.

In honour of this fact heres a video i hope you enjoy