had a bad day?

Well im guessing it probably wasn’t as bad as some of these peoples days…

Read it and weep with laughter

I’ve luckily had a fairly unembarassing day, hows yours been?



Neglected this yesterday, due to spending too much of my day in bed and running out of internet

I’m getting awfully excited about the edinburgh festival. Im away to see Kevin Bridges., Shappi Khorsandi and the wonderful amateur transplants.

In honour of this fact heres a video i hope you enjoy


Just a quote today but i really like it

“Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.” Anaïs Nin

Any thoughts? Do you feel love has kept you young, or maybe you feel love is very aging? I’d love to hear your opinions 🙂

Lets mock twilight

found this lovely parody

Now i realise this is a dangerous move, twilight is a pretty divise topic among my generation (and beyond) some people think its brilliant. I however think its pretty overrated, badly written, and giving an entire generation of young girls the complete wrong idea about what relationships are actually like.

Got any views to share?

Have you ever wondered ….

what the rocky horror picture show would look like if it was only  30 seconds long and all the parts were played by animated bunnies?

Wonder no more

If you liked that theres plenty more bunny re-enactments right here here

Hi there :)

This is my shiny new blog. I’ve decided I’m too prone to spending time dwelling on the negatives, and im sure im not the only one, so I’ve started this to spread a little happiness, so I’ve decided every day to post something that makes me smile, hopefully it’ll make you smile too

I’d love comments and feedback so feel free to let me know what you think